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It was in the mid 60's when I realized electric guitars rock. Homeroom in the seventh grade, I brought in a Harmony guitar catalog I had just received in the mail. My eyes lit up as I gazed at the colorful double-cutaway semi-hollow body electrics with two and three pickups. Knobs here switches there! Wow! This was way too cool!

I saw my first six-string electric about a year before. Me and a few friends were messing around the neighborhood when we heard muted music coming from the basement of a home on the corner of the street. We ran over to the house and plastered our faces to the window.

Inside the basement were four dudes straining to play "my baby does the hanky panky". All were in their late teens or early twenties with slicked back hair and cigarettes hanging from their lips. One guy on drums, one on bass, another playing keyboards and singing and one playing the sweetest Lake Placid blue Strat!

Loud music rattled the windowpane. I don't remember what else they played but the impression of the guitar player was tattooed in my mind forever.

His fingers slid up and down the neck, foot tapping out the rhythm. This image I never forgot and I trace this as the beginning of my love for rock music and in particular the electric guitar.

I never did buy that Harmony guitar, but I did get my first one when I graduated high school. It was a 1968 Gibson SG Special.(Identical to the one pictured below). The second guitar I have ever held.(the first was a friends 12 string Rickenbacker that he played through a stereo record player).

The feel of the wood, the weight, the smell of the polish. I was in heaven! Even though I could not play chord one, it felt like it belonged slung over my shoulder. Electric Guitars Rock will be defined by what I like!

I'll be checking out guitars,amps,hardware, and games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

So sling on your guitar, plug in your amp and turn it up to eleven!

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